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FIXI occassionally offers its clients Trading promotions that bring new challenges and opportunities for the traders. Nowadays as meeting your demands is head and shoulders above anything else, we will do our best to discover new opportunities and cater them to you.

FIXI Markets Trading Cup July 2018 Competition Leaderboard

Rank Participant Country Return Profit Start Equity Latest Equity Peak Equity Peak loss
1 gladkiyya 1,009% 100,865 10000 110,865 118,826 46.7%
2 Rahim Kenya 1,006% 100,627 10000 110,627 137,685 50.1%
3 ajtkr_2 Russia 829% 82,865 10000 92,865 95,180 62.5%
4 karman Pakistan 639% 63,932 10000 73,932 174,890 71.6%
5 Nomi099 Pakistan 547% 54,726 10000 64,726 64,785 54.9%
6 dawoodi Pakistan 518% 51,823 10000 61,823 89,390 81.4%
7 MS Pakistan 434% 43,372 10000 53,372 61,877 54.7%
8 awvwdeyu 397% 39,697 10000 49,697 82,127 66.9%
9 Teedekd Cambodia 392% 39,239 10000 49,239 66,765 66.5%
10 jeevash United Kingdom 358% 35,845 10000 45,845 55,424 80%

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FIXI Trading Cup Terms and Conditions

  • Competition Overview
  • Competition Trading Terms
  • Winner Determination and Prize Taking
  • Notifications and Disclaimers
  • FIXI Trading Cup is a trading competition (the competition) arranged by FIXI Markets (the company).

    The competition running period:

    Trading will commence on July 1st, 2018 10:00 PM GMT+1 and will end on July 27th, 2018 10:00 PM GMT+1. Trading will be disabled until the competition starts

    Prize pool for the competition is 7 500 USD

    The distribution of prizes is the following:

    1st place is awarded with 3000 USD
    2nd place is awarded with 1300 USD
    3rd place is awarded with 1000 USD
    4th place is awarded with 450 USD
    5th place is awarded with 400 USD
    6th place is awarded with 350 USD
    7th place is awarded with 300 USD
    8th place is awarded with 250 USD
    9th place is awarded with 200 USD
    10th place is awarded with 150 USD
    11th place is awarded with 100 USD

    Participation Eligibility

    The competition participants must be of legal age (18 or above).

    The competition participant must be able to open a live account with FIXI Markets. Such account will be governed by the Terms and Policies set by FIXI Markets for the live account registration.

    A person is allowed to register only one demo competition account with which person can participate in the competition.

    Each participant agrees to provide accurate data while registering an account. Providing fake information will result in disqualification from the competition at any stage.

    FIXI Markets reserves the right to reject or disqualify any participant who in FIXI Market’s sole discretion is seen to be engaged in fraudulent activity or unfair trading practices including but not limited to: Any kind of IP match between two or more participants shall be grounds for disqualification.
  • Each competition account shall have the same trading conditions:

    All Participants will have same account type: FIXI Markets’ MetaTrader 4 Demo
    All participants will have the same leverage: 1:100
    Demo notional deposit granted by FIXI Markets for each participant will be 10,000 USD *

    Any profits earned in trading in the Demo account have no cash value and is solely used for the competition purposes and the accountholder is not entitled to any claim this notional profit from FIXI PLC

    *As a Participant you can increase the initial notional deposit granted by FIXI Markets this simple way:
    1) Share the link of the competition page during the registration period in a public post on your private social media profiles: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or VK. You can either do it by clicking on the preferred social media button below or by sharing this link:
    2) Tag up to maximum 10 friends to whom you would recommend participating in FIXI Trading Cup in this post. For each tagged friend you will get additional 50 USD deposited to your competition account's notional balance.
    3) The post should include 2 hashtags: one is the hashtag of the contest - #FIXICup and the other one is a hashtag of your nickname under which you registered for the competition. For example, if your registered under the nickname “TradingKing”, then the second hashtag has to be #TradingKing.
    4) Send the link of the post to our email with the words 'FIXI Cup Bonus' in a subject line. You are allowed to claim the additional funds only once and your initial notional deposit can go up to maximum of 10,500 USD.
    FIXI Markets will check all emails on the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and VK activity for #FIXICup hashtag after the registration period ends but before the start of the compeition and allocate up to 500 USD of additional notional funds to the registered demo competition account of the person who can be identified by his nickname and met the aforementioned criteria.

    Minimum volume to be traded during the competition is 0.01 lot.
    Maximum volume to be traded during the competition is 10 000 lots.
    Minimal step size during the competition is - 0.01 lot.
    Maximum number of open positions/pending orders during the competition is - 200.
    Competition statistics and leaderboard shall be available at FIXI Markets website.
  • On the competition finish date all the open orders shall be automatically closed at the current market rates.

    The participants with the highest percentage return on the initial notional equity balance who also meet all other conditions set herein shall be announced as winners by FIXI Markets.

    In case two or more participants of the competition will have equal percentage return on the initial balances at the end of the competition, the prize will be shared among them equally.

    The competition results will be revealed during the month after the competition finishes and all checking procedures are completed.

    To receive the prize each participant must be able to open a live account with FIXI Markets. Such account will be governed by the Terms and Policies set by FIXI Markets for the live account registration.

    The prize is allocated to the winner's live account with FIXI Markets within 30 calendar days of the announcement of the winner of the competition.

    In case the winner is unable to open a live account within 30 calendar days after being announced as a winner he/she shall be disqualified.

    In order for the winner to withdraw the funds from his/her FIXI Markets live account, the winner shall trade minimum amount of lots as stipulated below on his/her live account as follows:

    Wining Position Sum Awarded on Live Account for the Winning Position Minimum Amount of Lots to be traded with the awarded prize since the prize amount is deposited on the Live account
    First Place 3000 USD 20 Lots
    Second Place 1300 USD 15 Lots
    Third Place 1000 USD 10 Lots
    Fourth Place 450 USD 5 Lots
    Fifth Place 400 USD 5 Lots
    Sixth Place 350 USD 3 Lots
    Seventh Place 300 USD 2 Lots
    Eighth Place 250 USD 2 Lots
    Ninth Place 200 USD 1 Lots
    Tenth Place 150 USD 1 Lots
    Eleventh Place 100 USD 1 Lots

    It is not allowed to use Expert Advisor while trying to meet the necessary criterion for claiming the prize and such activity would be considered as the breach of the competition rules, FIXI Markets reserves the right to disqualify such contestant at any stage of the competition.

    After meeting these criterion, the winner is allowed to withdraw a full amount available on his/her account.

    Withdrawal of the funds generated by winning the competition and meeting the required criterion is available by Skrill, Neteller or via Bank Transfer. All withdrawal methods are subject to KYC and Due Diligence procedures set by the FCA.
  • Each participant can win any prize in FIXI Markets’ demo competition BullsEye only once per year.

    Disqualified participants will be banned from taking part in the competitions organised by FIXI PLC, for a year.

    The competition and prizes offered by FIXI Markets should not be considered as an incentive to trade.

    Only take part in the trading competition when you feel you are ready to trade.

    Trading via Expert Advisors during the competition is not allowed. FIXI Markets reserves the right to disqualify contestants engaged in such activities.

    By registering for the competition, each participant agrees that some of his/her registration data (including but not limited to country of residence) will be published at company’s official page and on pages of its authorised representatives. As well as the company's official Social Media pages.

    Participants who would not be eligible to open approved live account with FIXI Markets will be disqualified and the company reserves the right to withhold the award and name different winner.

    In all cases when the announced winners do not already have an approved live account with FIXI Markets, the company reserves the right to request additional information and documents in order to open such account as per the trading Account Opening procedures of the company.

    In case discrepancies are found in the data and documents provided by the winner at the time of registration for the competition, or at the time of opening live trading account, the winner shall be disqualified.

    The Company reserves the right to declare any prize already given invalid and subject to cancellation upon direct or indirect evidence of attempted fraudulent operations with the prize funds.

    By registering for the competition participant confirms that he/she has read, understands and accepts FIXI Market's FIXI Trading Cup Terms and Conditions and agrees to abide.

    By registering for the competition participant confirms that he/she agrees that FIXI PLC and its authorized representatives can keep the participant data, and may contact the participant via e-mail or phone for the purposes of the competition and explanation of its products, services and promotions.

    Please note that trading conditions such as but not limited to execution speed, may differ between FIXI Markets Demo Competition Account and FIXI Markets live account.

    The competition is not addressed to residents and citizens of USA, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Somalia, Burma, Eritrea, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of North Korea, Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as they will not be able to open live accounts with FIXI Markets as per the firm policy and will be disqualified..
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