Speed of execution, access to multiple liquidity sources and a robust order management function can maximize the effects of your foreign exchange (FX) trading. Currenex® is a professional FX trading solution that gives you fast, low-cost and secure electronic access while helping you reduce your risk.

The Currenex trading platform uses innovative, patented technology in order matching and liquidity aggregation. This award-winning solution helps you aggregate liquidity streams from more than 60 banks into an advanced electronic order management system where execution is followed by sophisticated trade settlement. Using a high- speed, low-latency API or the sophisticated Currenex Classic trading interface, this solution gives the professional trading community access to live, streaming, executable bids and offers available for instant execution. In addition to linking market makers directly to buy-side participants, the solution offers an anonymous central counterparty service called FXtrades™. Market data is also available through FXtrades and includes pricing in more than 65 currency pairs.


  • Access to multiple sources of liquidity
  • Trading strategies and risk management tools to optimize trades while minimizing market impact
  • Among the fastest electronic trade execution available
  • 24-hour client support five days per week
  • Comprehensive reporting and fully auditable trade history
  • Reliable straight-through processing (STP)