Standard Account


Standard accounts are suitable for all traders looking to experience a market leading trading environment. Take full advantage of tight spreads, fast execution and commission-free trading.



  • Deep liquidity

    Get access to the professional depth of pricing from institutional businesses like banks, financial institutions and hedge funds.

  • Strategic Flexibility

    Run your strategy across multiple currency pairs by taking advantage of low spreads across all currency pairs.

  • Expert Advisors

    FIXI Markets acknowledges that different traders have different strategies, and allow the use of MT4 Expert Advisors, letting you automate your trading strategy.

  • Low Swap Rates

    We aim for the lowest swap rates in the industry so you can earn more when you trade.

  • More Speed, Less Latency

    Time matters in trading so we have located our servers in LD4, closer to the price action, for faster trade execution across a super-fast network.

  • Trading Tools

    For clients that are looking to utilise the speed of our servers, we offer a market leading VPS solution that is available for all clients.

  • Mobile Trading

    Our mobile trading platforms link securely to your MT4 account so you can trade or manage your account wherever you want, whenever you want.

  • Security

    FIXI is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA"), and follows the rules relating to client money in the Client Assets Sourcebook ("CASS"). The CASS rules require FIXI to ensure a clear segregation between money belonging to retail clients and money that belongs to the firm. Retail client money is transferred to a segregated client money bank account held with a third party.