Spread Betting


Spread Betting is an ideal choice for forex, CFD and commodities traders, traders who want to be efficient with their capital by using leverage, and current spread betters who are looking to access lower trading costs than their current provider.

Spread Betting allows investors to hedge their portfolios from adverse price movements in underlying asset prices. With the FIXI Markets MT4 platform, traders can run MT4 Expert Advisors (EAs) or high frequency trading algorithms.

While spread betting may seem complicated on the surface, in practise it’s quite simple.  Your profit and loss on a spread bet would be the same as if you were trading the same size position on the Forex, Index or Commodity directly. The only difference is how your profits and losses are treated for tax purposes.

  • Free of Capital Gains Tax
  • Free of Stamp Duty
  • Spread Bet on the World's Number One Trading Platform
  • Trade in Pounds Per Notional Movements
  • Standard and Pro accounts.